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Over 50% of the American Population is overweight, and over a third is obese! This film presents the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and the Raw Vegan Diet Solution

- Storm Talifero, Producer


The SAD Movie, An independent feature film currently in production...

Interview with actor and raw food enthusiast Ben Vereen.

We are still seeking participants for interviews in this film.

Email us if you would like to help bring this exciting project to life!

The SAD Movie is a film by Storm Talifero dealing with the Standard American Diet (the S.A.D.). Meet Storm in the video below...(40 mins)


Also by Storm Talifero: "Breakthrough", a Documentary about a Raw Vegan Family...


Breakthrough DVD
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Producer Airrion Copeland head of Distribution and Marketing for this film, is working with us to help interface with talent, and marketing our film to major distributors.

airrion copeland's Yoga Evolution film

Airrion's films include Journey From Zanskar, White Wash, and Yoga Evolution.

Airrion's film White Wash features narration by Ben Harper and a music score by members of the band Roots.


The SAD Movie...

The Standard American Diet, (the S.A.D.) is in a sorry state.

Living in one of the richest countries in history, Americans are plagued with the highest rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension in the world.

However, many Americans are stepping outside the cultural bondage of food traditions, and are practicing alternative lifestyles such as the Vegetarian, Vegan, and Raw Vegan Lifestyles.

This film takes an honest look not just at the problems with the SAD diet, but at some real solutions and how to apply them in your own life.

The SAD Movie features interviews with celebrities, athletes, doctors and regular people who are eating alternative diets.

Join us as we seek to find out whether people are really losing weight and improving their health by eating alternative diets, how they are able to do so, what challenges and rewards they face, and how their lives are being impacted.

With a growing interest in plant-based diets, this film offers a look at the practical aspects of eating as naturally as possible!


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Online Fundraiser for the SAD movie: We are now accepting donations of any amount to help make the SAD movie as good as it can be!